Current Issue

Produced by ICAAP

Volume 7: Issue 1


Dennis M. Ray, editor, “Introduction”


Aqueil Ahmad
“India and China: Conflict, Competition, and/or Cooperation in the Age of Globalization”

Matthew Todd Bradley, Ph.D. and Halia Mayela Valladares Montemayor
“Globalization and Political Elite Institutional Choices: The impact on democratization in africa, the Middle East, and Mexico”

Dr Motsomi Marobela
“The Political Economy of Botswana's Public Sector Management Reforms: Imperialism, Diamond Dependence and Vulnerability”

Solomon O. Akinboye, Ph.D.
“Globalization and the challenge for Nigeria’s Development in the 21st Century”

Dennis M. Ray
“The Multilateral Agreement on Investment: Implications for Entrepreneurship and New Venture Development”

Brian Martin
“The globalisation of scientific controversy”

John Stuart Batchelder and Ross C. Alexander
“The Applicability of Change Theories Concerning Website Revision at a Globally-Focused Comprehensive University”


Aqueil Ahmad
“The World is (Not) Flat”