Current Issue

Volume 8: Issue 1


Dennis M. Ray, editor, “Editor’s Introduction”


Kineret Yardena
“Closer and Closer, Faster and Faster: Grassroots NGOs and the Methamphetamine Trade”

Eddy Junarsin
“Creativity and Competitiveness”

Agreement Lathi Jotia
“Globalization, Education and the Birth of a Democratically Active Global Citizen”

Kathleen R. Smythe
“The Dangers of Teaching About Globalization”

Marc E. Pratarelli and Connie M. Aragon
“Acknowledging the “Primitive Origins of Human Ecological Dysfunction”: A ViewToward Efficacy and Global Ecological Integrity”

Athena Smith
“The Mediterranean Union: Socioeconomic Benefits and Challenges for Greece”

Chanchal Kumar Sharma
“Emerging Dimensions of Decentralization Debate in the Age of Glocalization”

Olaoye Ismail Kayode
“Globalization, ICT and the Economic Empowerment of Women in Nigeria”

Dennis M. Ray
“Insights into International New Ventures: Reflections on the Global Business Accelerator”